Hi ! I'm Heather

I've spent the last few years on a quest to get healthy.  Along the way I've learned a great deal about how our bodies work and what we can do to turn back the clock and live a life free of dis-ease.

The "Busy Mom" Life

We all reach that point when it feels like life is getting the better of us.  For me, it happened in my mid forties. I had spent the previous decades as a mom, wife and full-time teacher.  Life was busy and chaotic and, frankly, exhausting.  

I was stressed, tired, overweight and starting to get aches and pains typically associated with old age. My 'wintertime blues' were edging toward bona fide depression.  My wardrobe consisted of oversized shirts and leggings because they 'fit' and covered my ever-expanding waistline.  I was miserable beneath the smile I pasted on.

When You've Had Enough...

I reached my breaking point when I saw a candid picture of me at a family gathering.  Sometimes we need to see ourselves through another's lens - and this one shook me.  It was unflattering and absolutely accurate.  It showed a middle-aged, overweight, unhappy woman hiding under layers of oversized clothes.  The shake-up wasn't as much about negative body image as it was realizing how bad I felt, physically and mentally,  inside that body. 

I decided that I was NOT going to continue down the path I was on.  I was NOT going to be fat and sick going into my 50s.  I was NOT going to spend retirement in the doctor's office.  I HAD to find my way back to health.

Bring On The Knowledge!

If you know me, you know I'm a science nerd.  I love to learn and understand how things work.  My sister recommended that I watch

The Magic Pill (NETFLIX - check it out!) and something in my brain clicked. 

I had that 'AHA!' moment which would lead me on a journey that continues today.  My Journey to HEALTH.

There's SO much information out there. Studies, books, podcasts, blogs, videos, summits.  Not to mention Google, Facebook Groups and supermarket tabloids.  It's overwhelming. You really have to do your research to get to the bottom of it all. I've done my research. Heck, I've even gone back to school to be a Functional Nutritionist! 

What I've learned is that we have to UNLEARN all we thought we knew about health and nutrition. 

It's Not Our Fault, But We CAN Fix It

The fact is, we've been lied to as our national "rules and regulations" have been more and more influenced by big business. We've allowed the desire for convenience to bring more processed foods into our lives.   The non-communicable diseases of today - obesity, diabetes, autoimmune illness, anxiety, depression and the like - have been brought on by our poor diets. 

The crazy thing is that I thought we DID eat in a healthy way.  Vegetables have always been a huge part of our meals.  Whole grains, reduced fat, sugar-free products were stuffed in my pantry.  What I didn't know is that so many of the 'healthy' foods we were eating were actually the cause of the dis-ease.   

We've done this to ourselves, even if we didn't realize it.  And we can undo it ourselves.  The truth is very simple - go back to how we ate before our food and medicine became industrialized and your body will return to it's 'normal' healthy state.  And it's MUCH easier than you may think!

The BEST Me...

This before and after is still in the making.  I'll never go back to the eating habits of the 'before'.  Not ever.   

My 'after' is free and light and joyful.  My brain is clear.  My skin is clear. I sleep like a baby.  I weigh less than I did at 25.  I am no longer ruled by food.  I take no medications.  The aches, pains, headaches and fatigue are gone.  

And I did it all with FOOD.  Delicious, flavorful, abundant food. It's been a journey and didn't happen overnight.  I've had to re-learn my body's signals and figure out many stages on my way back to health.  And it's been worth EVERY struggle and frustration along the way.

The BEST YOU is Waiting...

Does my story sound like yours?  Are you ready to say 'Enough is enough'?  Then join me on a journey back to health.  I've done the research.  I've walked the path.  Let me guide you to the 'after' you deserve!

Get results like these

I have lost 30 pounds AND have kept it off. My diet hasn’t been perfect, I have forgotten to take my vitamins, but I have never felt that I couldn’t be honest with Heather. She gets it!! Life sometimes knocks you off track - Heather will be your biggest cheerleader to get back on!


Having Heather as a health coach gave me knowledge I would not have gained otherwise. The videos she posts, the fun facts she shares, the recipes are all a part of the process. Her encouragement, along with her vast knowledge on food and nutrition, is worth more than I can put into words. Thank you, Heather, for helping me be my best self.


 Heather has been a steady source of useful and helpful information that is practical and real.  Her science background has been extremely advantageous in breaking down knowledge for those of us who don't have that training.
Not only have I lost about 50 pounds, I feel so much better, my energy levels have increased and I'm sleeping like a boss! Thanks, Heather, for your support and inspiration!

  • -Lisa


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