What is the AO Scan™?

AO Scan™ Technology by Solex is an educational tool that can help you learn about how your body is performing. It communicates with the body via subtle bio-frequencies and electromagnetic signals to identify the areas that may be out of balance. By identifying those areas that may need assistance, you can then make the proper lifestyle changes to optimize your health and reach a state of harmony and balance.

It's all about the FREQUENCIES

An Owner's Manual For Your Body

Your Body is Electric

AO Scan™ Technology is based on the works of scientists from around the world, such as Nikola Tesla, Albert Einstein, Marie Curie, Raymond Rife, and many others.

These advanced thinkers were united by their belief that everything at its most fundamental level is energy. Every cell of the body produces energy, frequency, vibration, and resonance. When the frequencies are in balance the quality of life is optimized.

Solex has compiled a database of over 120,000 unique Blueprint Frequencies that have been identified as the optimal vibrations for every healthy human being.

Restore your optimal wellbeing

The hand-held body scanner, bio feedback device, frequency generator, and affordable educational tool allows you to compare these Blueprint Frequencies with your personal frequencies.

If energetic imbalances are identified, the device then generates balancing frequencies to help guide the body to homeostasis, the body's natural state of balance, peace, and harmony.

Easy to understand reports display any variance so that you can investigate further and take any corrective measures you deem necessary.


Experience AO Scan Technology for yourself

Complimentary Scan

Want to see what this is all about? Book a complementary remote scan!

We use a client’s full name, birthdate, email address, height, weight and a photo of the face with a plain background to establish an energetic signature to which we remotely send the frequency.

Our scans are non-invasive, and there are no contraindications.

Book an appointment today. In just minutes we are able to interpret your energetic body field and share with you a wealth of information.

Alpha pass

Let AO Scan technology empower you to put your health back in your hands.

Purchase a 3-day pass ($25) with unlimited scans for you, your family, and your pets. Use the AO Technology software on your own phone, tablet, or laptop. Experiment and have fun!

Each pass will give you access to ALL the features of the AO Scan Technology program for 3 full days.

  • Quick Scan

  • EZ Scan

  • Inner-Voice

  • Vitals Scan

  • Body Systems Scan

  • Comprehensive Scan

  • SEFI

  • AO Mindsync

Disclaimer: AO Scan Technology is not a medical device. Use of this product is for informational and educational purposes only. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, or mitigate any disease. If you are sick please consult with your health care provider or physician.



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